As part of the Guild Theatre’s core business, the theatre is actively engaged in developing and nurturing talent and interest in the performing arts through its educational programmes.

A recent partnership with the Transnet Foundation has enabled the Guild Theatre to expand its delivery to the province at large, enabling it to take the performing arts to areas where theatre infrastructure does not exist. The Transnet Theatre Trucks are horse-and-trailers converted into mobile performance stages, fully equipped with audio and stage lighting. The truck has a drop-down side creating a stage size of 8m x 5m powered by three-phase electricity and is fully equipped with a sound and lighting system that is suitable for all performances or events with an audience of up to 5000 people.  The Theatre Trucks are available for rental with all proceeds going towards the Theatre’s education and audience development programmes, such as Community Connections.

The advancement of technology in theatres, the rapid need to update infrastructure, arts education and training all require large financial resources. Companies can support the Guild’s education programmes through donations, renting the theatre or the Theatre Truck, or partnering with the Guild on a project.