Date(s) - 19/03/2023
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



ONEHUSHUDAY presents Msaki’s ‘The Delta Love Experience’

The award-winning artist is staging an intimate sonic and visual experience of her catalogue at the East London Guild Theatre on 19 March 2023 as part of her three-city tour.

Staged in an intimate setting, Msaki will present a themed sonic experience of her catalogue, which will include material from her award-winning albums and collaborations. Journeying through the complex sentimentality of love and heartbreak, exploring rates of change and ways of becoming within this flux.

The Delta Love Experience, named for the second track off her Platinumb Heart Open record, is a clear-eyed dive into the depths of difficulty that define what it means to love. Honest, open and tender, the show leans into the metaphysical, romantic and powerful meanings of ‘delta’: the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet; a code word in communication; denoting variation, change and difference in mathematics; and an openness to change in spirituality.

Honest, dealing with the difficult, leaning into the complex, and foregrounding the tender, the show explores these meanings as a motif, threaded through the music – navigating the universal experience of love, our navigation of it, and its effect on us. Acknowledging different shapes of love, Msaki flames the courage it takes to surrender to love in flux, alongside artists whose work explores the same, in vulnerable sensitivity. This show promises to be a unique sonic and visual experience, with stellar musicians making up her line-up. The artist has only one instruction for the audience: ‘come tender’.

you’ve held me in high regard

loving you from afar is hard

this affinity traverses time

and questions minds

creating shrines

a force of change

a breath

a flame

Delta Love, Msaki.

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