Venue hire – Guild theatre

The Guild Theatre in East London South Africa is primary a facility for promoting performing arts in the Buffalo City area. The theatre has a 498 seat capacity with a large foyer area suitable for cocktail functions and displays. Given the Guild Theatre’s proximity to the Museum and the Marjorie Courtney-Latimer Hall, it is possible to utilise both venues for corporate functions or conferences.

However the theatre will always honour the arts first.

Every production hosted at the Guild Theatre – from the many genres such as dance, drama, music, comedy, choirs and school productions – work on a split-fee basis. There is the standard hall rate and then a percentage of the door takings.

This way the Guild Theatre has a role to play in publicising your production or event by means of its electronic media (website and Facebook page) presence. The Guild Theatre also has a large database of “Friends of the Guild” and selected productions can be promoted to this database.

To find out more contact the manager here.